Agarwood is the most precious incense on earth; as equal as gold. This powerful fragrance is created for the superb incense to serve people who care for the best. We hope you enjoy burning the incense in religious ceremonies and everyday practices.


The exclusive incense, produced to quality standards, is for special worship. No incense but Amber can match the deep mysterious fragrance that provide you the ambience of royal temple scent. This rich fragrance also enhances one’s awareness and gives you the enthusiasm and energy.


The unique floral fragrance from the East. The exotic oriental floral scent, made from a blend of different sweet floral fragrances, is a powerful uplifting scent. Burning the wonderful incense can keep improve focus, cleanse your mind and soothe your soul. You must try!


Jasmine, the Queen of all scents, is the fragrance perfect for meditation and concentration. Burning this mind incense is an ideal companion for serious practice or long burning incense lover. Its wonderful blending is also effective for relaxing and unwinding your muscle and mind. Highly recommended for meditation.

Orange Jasmine

The unique incense is the popular incense of temples and ancient rites. It is also a great background for meditation. Its deep sweet scent will keep us focus and stimulate our mind. Burning this incense daily produces a strong and pleasant smell in your home surrounding.


The true classic incense from perfect blending of roses is great for motivation and spiritual clarity. People experience for burning the incense that inspires emotional calm and stability. It is an aroma that has endured for centuries and will never go out of style. Try and enjoy the true classic incense!


Sandalwood is the most popular incense in thousands of years. It is our great pleasure to introduce the finest incense with premium quality. Burning the incense has a salient impact on your home surroundings and also friends next door. Fill your home with beautiful fragrance that changes one’s emotion, perception and mood. It is also considered valuable in meditation and yoga practice.


The natural incense stick is the product from pure wood powder for everyday incense users. Its down-to-earth scent with no fragrance is believed to be the charm of this incense. Some frequent incense users tend to choose the incense for environmental and economic reasons. Enjoy our wide range of incenses.