Our History

Noppamas History

Noppamas Incense - The Art of Scent

Making incense product is the combination of science and art. It has been our life since our great grandmother's time for over half of the decade for three generations. Our great grandmother (ภักดี บุนนาค) started making incense sticks in her backyard just for her friends and children’s teachers approximately in 1950. With higher demand in the exquisite quality incense, not comparable to any others, her hobby became a real business. Our grandmother (Mrs.Sureeporn Rohitopakarn) played a very important role in the business together with our great grandmother since then.

In early years, Noppamas Incense had a shop in a Sunday Market named “Wang Saranrom” selling incense, traditional Thai perfume and powder. The products were produced by family members and sold merely during weekend. With high demand and potential market, Noppamas Incense was established in around 1960 by Mrs. Sureeporn Rohitopakarn and officially registered as a Limited Partnership in 1991 and remarkable expanding since then.

Noppamas Incense's products are the result of years of experiences with hundreds of fragrances and secret recipes passed through generations to generations. Noppamas Incense is continuously developed with modern management, technology and efficient production techniques. The company has become the premiere manufacturer of incense products, traditional Thai perfume, and mineral powder.


Currently, Noppamas Incense has the widest wholesale and retail customers in Thailand Modern Trade market such as 7-Eleven, Tesco Lotus, Siam Makro, The Mall Group and other well-known modern trades. The Company is also serving the world exporting market to reach out to people all over the world and spread the gift of tranquility through incense. We are extending our commitment to service excellence and ensure superior quality standard under TISI compliment to provide best quality products to our customers.