Amber is a powerful uplifting scent. Burning the incense gives you the enthusiasm and energy to keep going. It keeps a happy, good-humored atmosphere all day. Its wonderful blending is effective for meditation and concentration.


For sheer relaxation you just can’t miss this incense. The Apple Incense alters the moods in your home to bring peaceful, refreshing and inspiring feelings.



The fresh and spicy aroma of Basil works wonderful in alleviating headache. Its refresh aroma provides soothing and calm down the mind. It is good for balancing, anti-depressant and mental fatigue.



The Bergamot Incense is stimulant in nature, highly recommended for anti-depressant. Burning the incense gives a feeling of freshness, joy and energy in cases of sadness and depression. It is also effective for repel insects and mosquitoes.


The sugar sweet scent of cantaloupe carries the aroma of a picnic pleasure. The incense soothes nerves and reduces nervous tension, anxiety and stress and hence helps cure ailments associated with stress.



This special blending incense clears the head and refreshes the body. The Cedar incense also can be used as a mosquito and insect repellent.



Chamomile is found effective in calming down annoyance, anger and irritation. The incense can help overcoming depression, raising spirit and bring about good mood.



Its sweet and rich scent creates a warm and loving mood. The incense is believed to arouse sexual desire. Burning the incense is also recommended when you are feeling a little indecisive, unsure or have a large task looming, which you just cannot face.


Cinnamon is used in removing nervous tension and memory loss. It is very helpful in stimulating and balancing. Its refresh aroma is very effective as a room freshener. The incense is also a good mosquito repellent.


Its strong, warm and spicy scent is helpful for insomnia and also induces sleep. Clove is refreshing in nature and hence serves as an excellent stress reliever. It has a mentally stimulating effect on the mind and removes mental exhaustion and fatigue.


Coconut is very soothing scent and hence it helps in removing stress and mental fatigue. Burning the incense is also recommended for freshening kitchens and restaurants.



Eucalyptus provides a cooling and refreshing effect. It can remove exhaustion, headaches, stimulate and improve mental disorders. It also can be a perfect room freshener.



This superior quality incense creates a rich fragrance that uplift and bring tranquility to mind and body. Its rich and beautiful floral scent can help mental balancing and antidepressant.



Geranium has a very pleasing and uplifting aroma. Its exotic blending has great mental uplifting effects and can be used in treating depression and anxiety.


Green Tea

This very special incense gives rise to a wonderful fragrance created to soothe the body, mind and spirit. It helps to bring one into a more balanced, harmonious state of consciousness.



Most incense-lovers burn this incense to set the mood and refresh the home. Also, its great scent allows you to relax, loosen-up and unwind your body and mind.



Hyacinth scent is sweet, green and soft floral. By burning this incense, you help to bring peace and happiness to your home. Its fragrance is refreshing and soothing.



Jasmine, the Queen of all scents, has the ability to provide confidence, creativity, happiness and self-awareness. It is highly recommended for meditation. Jasmine is also a mood enhancer. It is excellent for restless sleepers or troubled sleep.


Lavender is amazing as a great balance of the nervous and emotional systems. It helps with anxiety, negative attitudes, moodiness, and exhaustion. Burning Lavender incense works for inducing peaceful moods in your home. Lavender is also used to repel mosquitoes and insects.


Lemongrass is fresh and spicy, a traditional prescription to lift the spirits and energize the mind. It is also effective for repel insects and mosquitoes.



This excellent incense is sweet and floral from heaven. Love and Purification; Sensual and Romantic. It also promotes peace, harmony and mind clearing. The scent of lilac was once thought to drive away ghosts!



The natural mild scent of this incense soothes the mind and helps the body to relax at the time of tension and stress. It is also used to restore mental balance, strengthen the brain and rejuvenate a weak memory. Also, it is believed to create a romantic atmosphere, conducive to love.


The incense is rich and superior in quality. Its fragrance inspires and helps create a soothing atmosphere, leaving one refreshed and clear in mind and spirit.



The incense can help to provide relief from stress, depression and mental exhaustion due to its refreshing nature. It is good to alleviate headache, anxiety and restlessness.



Burning this incense help bringing peace and happiness to all life. The exotic blend of the incense also helps to get rid of smoke and nasty odors throughout your house. Its delightful and sensual fragrance is mental aphrodisiac and prosperous.


Ocean is a mood enhancer. A mild and refresh aroma that offers the clean scent of rain on the ocean. People love the beautiful incense for relaxing, unwinding and emotional support.



Opium is wonderful for inspiration and uplifting. It is very helpful in stimulating and also arouses sexual desire.



The refresh aroma of Orange reminds you of happy moments and brings happy thoughts to mind. Burn this incense when you need to cool down after a bad day at the office or suffering from inflammation. This gives relief from anxiety, anger and depression. Also, Ideal for room fresheners.


Orchid is delicate and sweet floral scent. The very exotic fragrance is ideal for emotion support and relaxing. It is also help to relieve headache and fatigue.



This beautiful scent offers a utopia in the body, mind and spirit. It is best used for soothing, calming, relieve anxiety and depression, and increase mental alertness.



This strong and long lasting Incense is helpful for antidepressant and uplifting mood. Burn the incense anytime you are unhappy or feel particularly stressed. Patchouli is known for a long time for its insecticidal and insect repellant properties.


Woody aroma of Pine makes your home smell like Christmas. It gives an energizing feeling and hence it is effective in removing mental stress. It is also used for stimulating and refreshing your spirits as it is an excellent mood elevator.


The strong and sweet of tropical blossoms enhance the enchanting aroma of a garden paradise. The incense sets a relaxing mood, mind and soul and provide positive benefits for your spirit.



The beautiful smell of Rose inspires emotional calm and stability. It is of great use in boosting confidence, hope and mental strength. The incense can invoke romantic feelings, perfect to add spice to your love life. Rose is an aroma that has endured for centuries and will never go out of style.


Rosemary stimulates mental activity, good remedy for depression and mental fatigue. It has been used to increase concentration and helps in studying efficiently. The incense also can be used as a room freshener and insect repellent.


Sandalwood is rich and long lasting aroma. The incense is useful for relaxing, antidepressant and regarded as an aphrodisiac. It is also considered valuable in meditation and yoga practices.



The sweet fruity Strawberry scent is wonderful for inspiration and uplifting your mind and spirit. The sweet incense also stimulate romantic mood.



Vanilla brings memories of childhood with everlasting moments of joy. Many people find the vanilla scent very comforting and relaxing. Its earthy, rich and sweet scent is beneficial in soothing and balancing your mind and soul.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang works as a natural sedative on the nervous system and provides relief from anxiety and insomnia. Its rich tropical floral scent is generally used for calming and soothing. Ylang Ylang has been used as an aphrodisiac and also warm up your love life.